General Information

Pisa is a small city and most facilities are at walking distance form the city center. The Symposium Venue is about 15 minutes walk from most of the hotels in the city. Connections are described below depending on whether delegates arrive by train or fly to Pisa Airport.


Pisa International Airport Galileo Galilei ( is just 1km from the city center, which can be easily reached by taxi or by bus.The Taxi Stand is situated in front of the terminal exit, Arrivals side.The bus stop is located just outside the Arrivals area. Catch the Red LAM Line and stop at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. To reach the Symposium Venue (Science Building, Via Filippo Buonarroti 4), take the Linea 4 at “Vittorio Emanuele II 3rd stop (direction “Belli – I Passi”, stop at “Largo Bruno Pontecorvo”).


The main stop in Pisa is the ‘Pisa Centrale’ railway station ( The rail station is 10 minutes walk from the city center where most of the hotels are located. The Symposium Venue is also close to the railway station. You can reach the Science Building (Via Filippo Buonarroti 4) by bus: Linea 4 direction “Belli – I passi”, stop at “Largo Bruno Pontecorvo”).

Additional information

Public bus service is run by the Compagnia Pisana Trasporti (CPT). Click to view Red LAM and Linea 4 timetables ( A single ticket costs 1.20 Euros and is valid for one hour on the entire city network. 

You can buy tickets from the information office in the air terminal or the automatic ticket machine at the bus terminal.

The Taxi service is run by CO.TA.PI ( ). The average fare for a ride in the city of Pisa ranges from EUR 6.30 to EUR 10.00 (Plus EUR 2,55 excess fare on Sundays and Bank Holidays and on night time from 10.00 p.m. until 06.00 a.m.).

If you want to book a taxi: +39 (0)50 541600.